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   March 2                                                            Success

           "Any form of success was frightening and unfamiliar."

                                                            Basic Text, p. 14


   Before coming to NA, few of us had much experience with success.   Every
   attempt to stop using on our own had ended in failure.  We had begun to
   give up hope of finding any relief from active addiction.  We had grown
   accustomed to failure, expecting it, accepting it, thinking it was just
   part of our makeup.

   When we stay clean, we begin to experience success in our lives.  We begin
   to take pride in our accomplishments.  We start to take healthy risks.  We
   may take some knocks in the process, but even these can be counted as
   successes if we learn from them.

   Sometimes when we fulfill a goal, we hesitate to "pat ourselves on the
   back" for fear that we will seem arrogant.  But our Higher Power wants
   us to succeed, and wants us to share with our loved ones the pride we take
   in our accomplishments.   When we share our successes with others in NA,
   they often begin to believe that they can achieve their goals as well.
   When we succeed, we help lay the groundwork for others who follow in our


   Just for today:  I will take time to savor my successes.  I will share my
   victories with an "attitude of gratitude."