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   January 21                                            Unity and uniformity

                 "Unity is a must in Narcotics Anonymous."

                                                            Basic Text, p. 63


   Unity is not uniformity.  Unity springs from the fact that we have unity
   of purpose-to recover, and to help others stay clean.  Even so, we often
   find that while we strive to fulfill the same purpose, our means and
   methods may be radically different.

   We can't impose our ideas of unity on others or confuse unity with
   uniformity.  In fact, a big attraction of the NA program is the absence of
   uniformity.  Unity springs from our common purpose, not from standards
   imposed on the group by a few well-meaning members.  A group that has the
   unity which springs from the loving hearts of its members allows each
   addict to carry the message in his or her own unique way.

   In our dealings with each other in NA, we sometimes disagree rather
   vocally.  We must remember that the details of how we get things done
   isn't always important, so long as we keep our focus on the group's
   primary purpose. We can watch members who vehemently disagree over trivial
   things pull together when a newcomer reaches out for help.  Someone was
   there for us when we got to the rooms of NA.  Now it is our turn to be
   there for others.  We need unity to help show the newcomer that this way
   of life works.


   Just for today:  I will strive to be a part of unity.  I know that unity
   does not equal uniformity.