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   June 1                                                    Keep coming back

      "We don't have to be clean when we get here but, after the first
   meeting, we suggest that newcomers keep coming back and come back clean.
     We don't have to wait for an overdose or a jail sentence to get help
                          from Narcotics Anonymous."

                                                        Basic Text, pp. 10-11


   Very few of us arrive in NA  brimming with willingness.   Some of us are
   here because we are court-ordered to attend.   Some have come to save our
   families.  Some come in an effort to salvage a career teetering on the
   brink of ruin.  It doesn't matter why we are here.  It only matters that
   we are.

   We have heard it said that "if we bring the body, the mind will
   follow." We may come to meetings with a chip on our shoulders.  We may
   be one of those who sits in the back of the rooms with our arms folded
   across our chest, glaring threateningly at anyone who approaches us.
   Perhaps we leave before the final prayer.

   But if we keep coming back, we find that our minds begin to open up.   We
   start to drop our guard, and begin to really listen when others share.  We
   may even hear someone talking with whom we can relate.   We begin the
   process of change.

   After some time in NA, we find that more than our minds have arrived in
   our meeting rooms.  More importantly, our hearts have arrived, too.  After
   that happens, the miracles really begin!


   Just for today:  I will strive to listen with an open mind to what I  hear