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   September 27                                                 Right back up

   "There is something in our self-destructive personalities that cries for

                                                            Basic Text, p. 77


   "Poor me; woe is me; look at me, my life is such a mess!  I've fallen,
   and no matter how hard I try, I  continue to fail." Many of us came to
   NA singing this sad refrain.

   Life isn't like that anymore.   True, sometimes we still stumble;  at
   times we even fall.  Sometimes we feel like we can't move forward in our
   lives, no matter how hard we try.  But the truth of the matter is that,
   with the help of other recovering addicts in NA, we find a hand to pull us
   up, dust us off, and help us start all over again.   That's the new
   refrain in our lives today.

   No longer do we say, "I'm a failure and I'm going nowhere."
   Usually, it's more like, "Rats!  I  hit that same bump in the road of
   life again.    Pretty soon I'll learn to slow down or avoid it
   entirely." Until then, we may continue to fall down occasionally, but
   we've learned that there's always a helping hand to set us on our feet


   Just for today:  If I begin to cry failure, I'll remember there is a way
   to move forward.  I will accept the encouragement and support of NA.