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   December 2                                    Recovery: our first priority

     "We have to keep our recovery first and our priorities in order."

                                                            Basic Text, p. 82


   Before coming to NA, we used many excuses to justify our use of drugs:
   "He yelled at me." "She said this." "My partner left." "I
   got fired." We used these same excuses for not seeking help for our
   drug problem.  We had to realize that these things kept happening because
   we kept using drugs.   Only when we made recovery our first priority did
   these situations begin to change.

   We may be subject to the same tendency today, using excuses for not
   attending meetings and being of service.  Our current excuses may be of a
   different nature:  "I can't leave my kids." "My vacation wore me
   out." "I have to finish this project so I  can impress my boss."
   But still, if we don't make recovery our first priority, chances are
   that we won't have to worry about these excuses anymore.    Kids,
   vacations, and jobs probably won't be in our lives if we relapse.

   Our recovery must come first.    Job or no job, relationship or no
   relationship, we have to attend meetings, work the steps, call our
   sponsor, and be of service to God and others.   These simple actions are
   what make it possible for us to have vacations, families, and bosses to
   worry about.  Recovery is the foundation of our lives, making everything
   else possible.


   Just for today:  I  will keep my priorities in order.  Number One on the
   list is my recovery.