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   August 2                                                Practicing honesty

       "When we feel trapped or pressured, it takes great spiritual and
                      emotional strength to be honest."

                                                            Basic Text, p. 81


   Many of us try to wiggle out of a difficult spot by being dishonest, only
   to have to humble ourselves later and tell the truth.   Some of us twist
   our stories as a matter of course, even when we could just as easily tell
   the plain truth.  Every time we try to avoid being honest, it backfires on
   us.  Honesty may be uncomfortable, but the trouble we have to endure when
   we are dishonest is usually far worse than the discomfort of telling the

   Honesty is one of the fundamental principles of recovery.  We apply this
   principle right from the beginning of our recovery, when we finally admit
   our powerlessness and unmanageability.  We continue to apply the principle
   of honesty each time we are faced with the option of either living in
   fantasy or living life on its own terms.   Learning to be honest isn't
   always easy, especially after the covering up and deception so many of us
   practiced in our addiction.  Our voices may shake as we test our newfound
   honesty.  But before long, the sound of the truth coming from our own
   mouths settles any doubts:  Honesty feels good!  It's easier living the
   truth than living a lie.


   Just for today:  I will honestly embrace life, with all its pressures and
   demands.  I  will practice honesty, even when it is awkward to do so.
   Honesty will help, not hurt, my efforts to live clean and recover.