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   June 5                                                       Honest prayer

     "Although honesty is difficult to practice, it is most rewarding."

                                                            Basic Text, p. 96


   How difficult we find it to be honest!  Many of us come to NA so confused
   about what really happened in our lives that it sometimes takes months and
   years to sort it all out.   The truth of our history is not always as we
   have told it.  How can we begin to be more truthful?

   Many of us find it the easiest to be honest in prayer.  With our fellow
   addicts, we sometimes find that we have a hard time telling the whole
   truth.  We feel certain that we won't be accepted if we let others know
   us as we really are.  It's hard to live up to the "terminally hip and
   fatally cool" image so many of us portrayed!   In prayer, we find an
   acceptance from our Higher Power that allows us to open our hearts with

   As we practice this honesty with the God of our understanding, we often
   find that it has a ripple effect in our communications with others.   We
   get in the habit of being honest.  We begin to practice honesty when we
   share at meetings and work with others.   In return, we find our lives
   enriched by deepening friendships.   We even find that we can be more
   honest with ourselves, the most important person to be truthful with!

   Honesty is a quality that is developed through practice.   It isn't
   always easy to be totally truthful, but when we begin with our Higher
   Power, we find it easier to extend our honesty to others.


   Just for today:  I will be honest with God, myself, and others.