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   May 17                                                           "Defects"

       "We were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of

                                                                     Step Six


   After taking the Fifth Step, many of us spend some time considering "the
   exact nature of our wrongs" and the part they'd played in making us
   who we were.  What would our lives be like without, say, our arrogance?

   Sure, arrogance had kept us apart from our fellows, preventing us from
   enjoying and learning from them.   But arrogance had also served us well,
   propping up our ego in the face of critically low self-esteem.   What
   advantage would be gained if our arrogance were removed, and what support
   would we be left with?

   With arrogance gone, we would be one step closer to being restored to our
   proper place among others.  We would become capable of appreciating their
   company and their wisdom and their challenges as their equals.    Our
   support and guidance would come, if we chose, from the care offered us by
   our Higher Power; "low self-esteem" would cease to be an issue.

   One by one, we examined our character defects this way, and found them all
   defective-after all, that's why they're called defects.  And were we
   entirely ready to have God remove all of them?  Yes.


   Just for today:  I will thoroughly consider all my defects of character to
   discover whether I  am ready to have the God of my understanding remove